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WHO we are

SHD was created with Small Busines in mind.

Big Businesses can afford an I.T. Staff or partner with large infrastructures like Microsoft, ATT, Cisco.

We were created to support those companies that can't afford thier own I.T. staff. By creating a Maintenance Plan with us we become your virtual I.T. ready to support you.

What we offer?

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    Virtual I.T. Solution.

    By providing you a Firewall and server we can monitor your entire network remotely and securly. We can prevent issues before they arrise and if needed provide a live body to support any needs.

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    Database Management and Design

    Big Data is the new Keyword in Data design you may not have 10,000 Tera Bytes of data but it's still important to you and to us. We can help you analyze your data give you the same adavantage as the big boys.

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    Security is more then a Firewall or Antivirus it encompasses both the physical and virtual world. Is your system safe? Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan (This is required for HIPAA), are you ready for the next attack?